I am Assistant Professor in the Cultural Studies Department at Trent University, and the Coordinator of a cross-faculty undergraduate program in Media Studies. I am President of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA), and an Assistant Editor of Media Theory (MT), an international and independent peer-reviewed journal.

After completing a dissertation (York, 2015) on memory studies, European settler culture, migration and socially engaged art, I turned to questions surrounding mobility, technology and infrastructure within collective memory practices, exploring media geography and the cultural politics of digital mapping, urban developments such as smart cities, and theories of space in visual culture. I have published single-authored works in each of these areas, in addition to completing a major editorial project on Geospatial Memory.

Currently, my research is focused on completing a monograph, Antinomies of Location: Posthuman, Postmodern and Postdigital Locative Media. I am also working on SSHRC-funded project, entitled Ecology, Infrastructure and Mobility in Communications Research.

This website allows you to view my cv, research materials including publications, and teaching materials including course outlines.

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