I am Assistant Professor in the Cultural Studies Department, and Coordinator of the Media Studies Program at Trent University (Canada). I serve as an Assistant Editor at Media Theory (MT), an international and independent peer-reviewed journal. I am also completing my term as President of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA).

My work is situated between critical data studies, mobile media, and carceral urbanism. I am the PI for a SSHRC Explore Grant (2020-21) on Ecology, Infrastructure and Mobility in Communications Research, which aims to develop alternative historical and conceptual perspectives on everyday surveillance tools, such as biometric sensor devices, safety apps, amber alerts, and meteorological notification systems. I am pursuing a larger project in this area that focuses on the implications of mobile policing apps for shaping urban policy, design and media ecology, entitled States of Emergency: Policing, Urbanism and Data Ethics.

I recently published a short article on COVID-19 and the Politics of Locations.

Students may be interested in a quick link to my courses (2020-21).

This website allows you to view my cv, research materials including publications, and teaching materials including course outlines.

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