Introduction to Media Studies teaching crew (from left: Leila Alvarez, Ryan Kirby, Lee Campbell, John Bessai, Joshua Synenko, and in front: Sarah McNeilly). April 2018.

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Though my priority is to develop pedagogies in communications and culture, I have also taught diversely, in humanities, film, global studies/IDS, and sociology since 2013.

In Fall 2020, I am teaching Introduction to Media Studies, Introduction to Film: What is Cinema? and a fourth year seminar on Contemporary Topics in Media Studies. In Winter 2021, I will be teaching in the Cultural Studies Graduate Program.

Experiential Learning

Since 2016, I have introduced a number of experiential learning evaluation models at the fourth year level, including peer assessment, peer-review publishing, event organizing, and technology-enhanced learning:

Digital Media Lab

My 4th year undergraduate course, Digital Media Lab, was offered for the first time in the fall of 2019. The Lab explores diverse spatial media experiences with a focus on documentary, narrative and visual culture. Engaging through experimentation with mapping and GIS tools, location-based media, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, students will participate in a major project using the digital imaging resources at The Moore Innovation and Research Hub.

My first cohort of students focused mainly on Virtual Reality (VR) in theory and practice. The end-of-term project for this class centered on a VR documentary on the Peterborough Zoo, entitled Misfit Zoo VR.

Meeting of the Digital Media Lab at Bata Library, October 2019.

Digital Media Lab in the News

Undergraduate conference

My 2018-19 cohort for Contemporary Topics in Media Studies created a conference, entitled Spatial Mediations and Beyond. According to their description, the conference sought to explore “alternative perspectives on media, analyses on personal interactions in the ‘real’ world, hierarchical paradigms moving towards the future, and governing practices mediated through online spaces.”

Undergraduate Publishing

My 2016-2017 cohort for Contemporary Topics in Media Studies were invited to submit their research papers on critical media infrastructure to Mediapolis: Journal of Cities and Culture, in the inaugural issue of their Student Voices column. Link to the section provided below:

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